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    Quote Originally Posted by PadreEstripador View Post
    So you're confirming that the game is just to favor the Europeans? After all, you're the only ones favored at this time, are not you?

    It really should be hard to find a job in europe, even more being an entrepreneur and engineer in Brazil, but anything I can send an application in The Crims, looking at the level of the crew, who knows I do not have a chance.
    At this point I think your just trolling so I will take it as such, so I have to ask ?! Who is your dealer cause I want to give him a call and buy what you are having !! You do realize that EVENTS ARE RANDOM and to be honest actually EU players complained that most events and boats last round were at 12 or 1 o'clock at night !!!
    You are blowing my mind at this point ! LMAO since this is becoming a random thread where you are complaining why we do not have start the game at a time when either are not working, eating or sleeping I will be closing this thread.

    PS : I can tell you now a major requirement to join TC Crew is to be awake ... When you wake up send an application and we will take a look at it ... Again your level of trolling is legendary LMAO
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