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    Lightbulb suggestions - balance of professions

    make a table of punishments:
    If left to the discretion of the CREWS, each move is played with a different punishment
    I think the BANS had to be the same for each play ex:
    BAN for BOT use: 5 days -
    The way the punishments are being done is messy
    There should be a table of days for each punishment.

    * The game is so unequal that the 12th of the top and entrepreneur,
    Let's try to balance these classes, twelve businessman in the top guangue shows that the game is uneven.

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    Nov 2013


    Hello SaNdRiNhOw,

    It has been only day 105 on the game.
    Before you criticize the profession, please wait to see the end of round.
    About bans, we do have a day calculation of bans. And there is some conditions on them for every single rule.
    If a guy breaks the same rule for the second time or more, his ban periode increases. I believe, you must leave that decision on us.
    Your Sincerely
    eagleking52 / Tolga Gedik
    Game Manager
    Abuse Team Leader
    [email protected]

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    When I come here to say something and I really like the game and I want to see the improvement
    You have a forum to discuss ideas, but you do not like when the players come to express themselves
    Often, outsiders are better able to see their failures.
    But I'll shut up today.
    When you want opinions or know what players are thinking of all this, I am at your disposal.

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    ABUSE BANS are not something that can change easy ... and ban fot but will never ever be 5 days .... especially for a player that and should know better than to use a macro. Old players should be an example to new ones
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