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    Default BOT and BANS!!!!

    Hello Guys

    As you can see we have banned a lot of players for using BOT (macro, mouse recorder software) this round. I want to make it clear that, it is soooo easy for us to catch mouse recorder (macro) with our panel. I wanted to post this thread because number of the players using mouse recorder has been increased sharply this round. Do not forget that, you can use mouse recorder but do not forget that also if you are not banned yet that does not mean you won't be banned because we are checking everyone!!! We are aware of the players how hunting and robbing. We have a system that inform us SUSPECTED players and all of them are being checked by each of our abuse members!!!

    Another thing needs to be clear, TESTING after the ban for #5 BOT USAGE. As most of you know we are banning players who are suspected of using the bot and it can be a MISTAKE sometimes. To avoid these mistakes we are testing player who got banned, checking his computer then discussing about ban. As you can understand not only one but also 2-3-4-5 abuse are checking same case. Nobody can ban one player for bot ALONE. Even Bebynho is reporting the player to us and wants us to discuss about the player then asks our opinion about banning or not. As you can see the bot cases are processed in great detail.

    One more thing needs to be clear too, NOBODY IS OUR FRIEND IN GAME. We are abuse team and we are acting equally to everyone!!! As I said above not only one abuse but also 2-3-4-5 abuse is checking the ban cases. When we ban X player he says "you do not ban Y player because they are your friend" they can be my friend but they are not friend of another abuse and leaders!!! Nobody from abuse can save their friend because we are not only one abuse member we have approximately 4-5 abuse member everytime and a leader who asks us details of ban!!!

    As I said above, the bans can be a mistake sometimes, just make a ticket and ask for details WE MUST GIVE THE DETAILS OF YOUR BANS TO YOU! This is your right to have the details of the ban. Again as I said above, NOT ONLY ONE ABUSE BUT ALSO 2-3-4-5 ABUSE IS CHECKING EVERY BAN CASE!!! If your ban made by mistake, everything you lost during the ban time is
    being given back.

    I hope I made yourself clear.

    Yours Sincerely,
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