Hi there,

Like every round I see myself in the situation where I have to explain to players why CREW can't donate KILLS.

This round is no different , furthermore this round 1 crew member was removed from crew after helping 1 player , intentionally or not I do not care at this point , with 6 kills. Said player is top 2 kills so of course this created a lot of problems for CREW. SO THIS IS WHY WE DO NOT ALLOW CREW TO GIVE KILLS TO PLAYERS !!!!

Now I do understand that people here think there are conspiracies and that we in crew actually care who wins top 1 or who is top 2 BUT WE DO NOT !!!!! WE SIMPLY DO NOT CARE who wins and that can be seen quite easy IF you check the bans TOP players took during the rounds.

That being said I will not stay here and let a team of cheaters that got banned 3 times in the last 3 ROUNDS ! A team that lost over 40 KK stats in 2 rounds because of MULTI accounts created illegal come and say CREW IS DIRTY !!!!

So I can understand you complaining about a BAN or about why someone took kills from X and Y but coming and saying Crew is Corrupted when you never played a Correct / Clean round in the last 5 rounds is a little bit hypocritical.

IF any of you has a proof that someone from CREW has done something that will harm you or the game just make a ticket and that crew will be removed IMMEDIATELY.

Do not go and make gangs saying all crew is CORRUPTED just because 1 person made a mistake !!!! It is simply not fair for those in crew that do their best to keep the game clean and to help you.