What is the need for this forum: http://forum.thecrims.com/showthread...m-Geral/page23

We waste our time posting several ideas for an improvement in each round that passes and none of them are used or even answered whether it is good or not!
Best to end this forum, since the ideas of the plays have no ultilities at all.
The Brazilian crew that serve to support the plays of their country does not respond, does not take a doubt ... every time I needed a crew member I went to get from another country, because they are always ready to help the plays
It needs to be reviewed these BRAZILIAN crew, if necessary replaced so that among people with new ideas, willingness to improve the game and support the plays of their country, needs to be revised the idea of ​​this forum because I see several players posting ideas and doing nothing, plays no replies and a forum is not made for this.
In all the games have evolution in the lovers of thecrims we want it also to update, that improve every round ... that the errors and bugs do not repeat themselves.

grateful, and for further clarification I did not come here to offend anyone on the crew, let that be clear!
I just want a better game, a FAIR game for everyone.