Rodada 104
Round length has been shortened to 168 days this round.
End Game will start at day 140.
Hitman will not see the names of nightclubs.

I loved these changes, parabens crew

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But I think the stats needed for the levels should be reviewed as it will now become more difficult to reach the required amount for each level.

Now we're going to have a decent killer top *-* 0/ <3

Let's look at what happened this round so that we can always improve the game every day, I hope that thecrims does not become a game of only ENTREPRENEUR |

Will not the COFFE get so much charisma just training? -> Players will now leave this class

Trafficker with only 30 passages in traffic and among other disadvantages we see in the game, have stopped playing with her too , I am sad to see this class weaken over the rounds as it is a great class to play when it has all 45 transactions and other advantages that was withdrawn to "balance" the game, what happened to the Topevil round 102 was great big luck was, not the class that was unbalanced

gangster is very far, where in this game, if it should be something, I think!
It's long gone

Assassin will now be fair to the RAVES ANONYMOUS and ending with this "donation of stats and kill"

Without further ado, let's look at the classes, we will fix the things that need to be combined and make a game far beyond the entrepreneur to play, let's review these requirements of levels, those statistics gained in training ... I hope the next round is unforgettable

Congratulations to all crew, in the plays we are seeing that you are working hard to make every day a good game for everyone ♥ *-*