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    Default Changes Round 104

    These are the new changes for round 104.

    *Round length has been shortened to 168 days this round.
    *End Game will start at day 140.
    *Hitman will not see the names of nightclubs.
    *Search button has been removed from nightlife
    *True Junkie item back to 15%
    *Max 3 accounts per Ip

    NOTE: Before there was no limit to how many accounts you can have per IP but now we set it to 3 max. THERE IS NO CHANGE TO RULE 2 so if you take stats from the accounts you will get banned !!! AGAIN READ THE RULES PLEASE !!

    *Chuck Norris will be at 25% stamina and will come day 20
    * Narcotics brigade will require 33% stamina
    * Added accept or refuse button when given trust

    NOTE : Due to a stats distribution misunderstanding that we had in R103 when people complained stats are being made from thin air we are contemplating removing the bonus that hitman has with a different one.
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