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    Default You hided bar names thats good but not good enough.

    There is a still problem. Feeders can search a bar name and enter to killer bar to feed them purposely.

    This new system only work between hitmans.

    Please add hitmans can't attack anyone in his own bar.

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    Hi there

    You make a point and it is not like we do not know this , hehe. In the past 7 8 years we always tried to stop milking but that is impossible because players will find ways to milk or give kills, ways that will not go into here because I do not want to share that will all TC.

    As I said in the clip regarding the changes, this will not stop MILKS nor will it stop donations but it will reduce them and this is what we want because in the end we can't control 100 % what people decide to do. For example If you want to donate your stats to a friend you will find a way to do it even IF we try to stop you.

    By the way there is no more search button in nightlife for all professions so donations are going to be harder to get ... not impossible but harder.



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