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    Default My team all ban for rule 13 - Congratz bebynho

    Hello bebynho and all crew members.

    I come here to find out why they ban me and all my team.

    All banned by rule 13 - 5 DAYS. Just like you did with us last round. Since you do not reply in skype, e-mail, and we do not have a clear answer of our ticketis we will have a dialogue here. Since you're going to get us banned for 5 days, and pull out millions of stats from our accounts just like in the last round, tell me why?

    This your implication with us i think it already gave right? Can you let us play in peace? Just because we're dominating another round, and all the other players they're crying that we're using bots, bug, etc. Can you ban us one more time?

    Do me the favor bebynho, instead of you playing the game, stealing like you were yesterday when I gave a 500k ga in your gang, will do something useful to improve the game.

    When I call you corrupt on skype, or in the game, or put the name of my gang mentioning you and all of the abuse, do not come crying asking me to change okay? That's what you and a few other crew members are, CORRUPTOS, win the game who you want, dominate the game who you want, play the game you want, it's no wonder that we have 300 players online per day. xD

    Another thing, there is a bug in the game that can decide the top before the 80th, if you want to know just search me on skype, if you do not want to I will tell everyone about the game the bug and in the end you give medal to everyone who survived another round full of bugs.

    What I like to see in this game is that the despair of the opponents is so great that every round you change the rules to try to prevent our team from being the strongest, and they never succeed, they have to ban to stop us, for the game have competition, our only opponent today is this crew team that is as dirty as the Brazilian police, as the Brazilian politicians, so every day that passes the game goes from bad to worse, you are weak and let the ego take care of you do not know how to differentiate right from wrong, just do what they think they should do and period, round past hunt3rr was banned day 170 and after proving the speed he told us that his team left the conference laughing him, that is you do what you want the way you want it, the rules are just a detail, because when it suits you, they change in the middle of the round, delayed round 3 our gang accounts were banned after the round ends only until the end of the round, , the round already had finished and were banned until the end of the round, only to make us lose the top gang, at the beginning of this round the Freemen of our team, on day 1 was banned by bot just for being part of our team, he proved his speed and He left the ban, but what influenced him in his game? he was banned on day 1, until you had the courage to respond and do your ****ing job, he did not play, and what do you say later? They do not say anything! you guys first give up and then come and maybe care about solving, what makes me happy is knowing that there is no team that can beat us without the help of the crew, you should care more about the bug shit, one more developer since memox does not have as much time to devote to the game, its ridiculous team should play less the game and worry about answering the tickets, the famous slave work of 100 credits per week.

    Sorry for the mistakes, but I used the translator. See you!

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    So basically the ban should not be for rule 13 but for RULE 6 ... good to know I will tell ABUSE to check more and maybe they will change the ban to end of round or PERMA instead of 5 days !!

    PS : I DID NOT BAN YOU, and you guys really need to focus on someone else but me because i am not the one cheating here nor am I the one that is banning you.

    TY for the info

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    Hi there,

    I already told you the reason of bans.
    14 accounts from your team are banned for use some stupid macro to do robberies and hunt more easy, and you and anothers 5 guys take stats (dirty stats) from these accounts.

    Now read 13. Violating or attempting to violate any of these rules will result in a penalty decided by the Crew. Gaining advantages via another account which has broken any of these rules can result in a penalty, each case will be judged individually.

    How rule 13 works?

    If 10 % of a players stats are from accounts that broke any of TC rules and we are too check if the accounts are donations or random (your team case is not random hits).
    This rule becomes immediate and we want all of you to see and understand that we will no longer tolerate any rule breaking.
    Accounts that have previously broken said rule will be treated differently and when I say differently I mean ban without carrying about the percentages (case of your team).

    Now I'm sure you and your team know why your team are banned for 5 days.

    Btw, Bebynho is our Game Manager, not Abuse Team.

    Best regards,
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    Abuse Team
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