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    Default Top Kills Rant PART 2 !!

    New round old story ....

    Every round my GB is flooded with people accusing CREW OF CORRUPTION , nobody actually stopped to search what the word means in the dictionary , and me of abuse of power.

    The only abuse of power I think I made in 5 years is giving friends my credits without asking for money.

    Now I do agree I made a huge mistake and that was allowing people to talk to me on SKYPE or in the game , I should not do that , I should do what Memox does and not allow people to talk to me but it is quite hard when after each ban ABUSE gives I get added by players or when at 12 at night people write to you about every little thing . Mind you , I will try to change that starting this round....

    Now to answer some of the rants that I've seen in my profile and in other players profile in the last few days ....


    3 weeks ago a polish player approached me on skype telling me he found a way to add a macro to his mouse using SYNAPSE . I was clearly interested , we tested and we saw the log with the macro and without ... I made a report sent to ABUSE and we now have a SAMPLE of how that macro works ...
    VERY IMPORTANT here : MACROS CAN BE CHANGED and players do that every round and it is because of that we can't actually ban them when you guys complain.

    Now having RAZER MOUSE OR SYNAPSE is not ILLEGAL !!! it is ILLEGAL TO HAVE A MACRO that allows you to change how the game and you perform and I want this to be very very clear.

    2. Banning

    banning for rule 5 is as i said difficult but we use past logs as a guide .... We do allow players to prove we are WRONG !!!!

    I want to POINT THAT OUT BECAUSE THIS IS THE ONLY GAME THAT DOES THIS !!! Once you are caught with a cheat in any other game they can give you logs , if they want , and that is it.

    WE allow our players to prove to use we are wrong and they are correct ... THIS ROUND it happened 1 time and freemen was the account. I hope he understood our position and I respect the fact he was in a such collaborative mood.

    Last round it was RBK .... so out of more than 30 or more bans we give for rule 5 only 1 or max 2 get unbanned .. I think that is not a bad percentage.

    3. Writing and insulting crew

    Now this is easy , you insult you get banned there is not much to talk about this. When I write to people in their GB is mostly because they write to me and I do my best not to insult them because that would be crazy. I expect the same from CREW.... every time crew insulted someone there were repercussions and that goes both ways.
    I still do not understand why some players think they can come and write insults or BS in any CREW GB but anyway probably after the ban they will learn.

    Clearly since I play TC because I love it and because I have to test to see how changes work, I am exposed to these types of rants or insults and to be honest I get to a point where I run out of patience and that is the point when bans come. Example of xRafa but after a chat with him we both saw the light and that was it.

    I hope this answers some of the questions some of you might have !!!
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