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Thread: Chat System

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    Default Chat System

    Well i play thecrims since a long time, i confess that i'm not the most active and that i spent 0 on it, but i'd like to suggest a thing about the chat system that we use i think that from the very beginning of the game.

    As you all know the chat system is on the square, and we need go there and chat, but as i see it is not very, i don't know how to express it, so i'll say usefull, because it is very boring talk there nowadays.

    My initial idea was make a float chat like the one we have to get help from the support team.

    I think that if the chat become more accessible, more people will interact and talk, and it would help the community become big again.

    What do you developers, moderation, and readers think?

    Thanks for your time,


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    Good idea!



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