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Thread: Ban

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    Default Ban

    Nie wiem po polsku niemiecku angielsku pisac?

    I get banned 2nd time, ok 1 time i killed my Rabbits
    But now?
    I didnt get nothing from nobody since i get banned 1st Time

    Why i get ban? And Why now when i Go To get top1 Swiss and topgg?!?!

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    99% tc players using rabbits and didnt get ban , me 2 time even if i didnt get nothing!!!!

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    AstroCrims Guest


    Hello xxarisxx,

    again .. the same story same as the first time. spys with the same ip that you use in your main .. and passed kills to your main. as it is the second time that you do this .. will be banned until the end of the round. in relation to what you say about the players use spys .. DENOUNCE !! I'LL BE VERIFYING. how is your second time .. you are banned until the end of the round.


    Abuse Crew



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