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Thread: New Bank

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    Default New Bank

    Hi guys,

    Here you have a new banking or investment system we created for this round. Clearly we do not know what impact is going to have in the game so I would like you to gives us some feedback on it at the end of the round.

    This is how it will work

    After day 104 the bank will allow players to make investments but it will come with its risks

    We will create 3 types of investments => [Investment Package’s]

    Player invests between 80 kkk and 100 kkk for 4 tc days with an interest of 5%
    Player invests between 110kkk and 150kkk for 5tc days with an interest of 8%
    Player invests between 300kkk and 400kkk for 8 tc days with an interest of 10%

    Hacker attack - ( I could not think of a better name ) => [ Hacks Attacks ]

    Description : The Crims Central Bank has suffered a cyber attack , our firewall was not able to stop this new age scoundrels. We are sorry to inform you that your saving might have taken a hit.

    NOTE: Once the hack event happens you will only lose from the money you invested not from the money you have in the BANK !!! We will change that description
    The invest Item will not apply to this type of invest

    Interaction : Once this event hits the city they will lose 10 % of the money invested.

    Booming economy : Once this event is in town your initial invest will go up by 1% .
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