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    Thumbs up [Sugestions] Users / Reach / Comunication

    Hello ,

    First of all , good job for the longetivity in this game. I would like to add something , not about the gameplay , but the redesigning and rebranding the game to get more people to know it.

    1. Seo - A lot of words are translated "MOT À MOT" wich is not that bad , because it sounds good . But how about google? In no chance google will post TC on the first pages . You will need to optimize the seo -------> more people will see the website and more will try the game
    2. Rebranding & reddisigning - The Crims was allways the same . The same images , the same icons , the same translation etc. First of all , all the websites (wheter we talk about retail or gaming websites ) they all change . And that is not because we have a lot of time and we just play with colors and images. NO. This is a must (and a need) because everything is evolving . First steps should be 1. Logo rebranding , 2. Icons design with a hoover css class. 3.Intro page (before you get to the login page) with seo words to describe the crims better and a movie about what is TC. I repeat , this are just a few stepps.
    3. Comunication and Strategy of marketing (including the social media ). Facebook is the most important Pormotor of internet. If you are not on facebook , than you are not visible for noone. A calendar is a must to be created , with the most important event along the whole year (cristmas + new year + Country day + +++++) after that , with the new logo rebrended and the calendar , should be posted around 2-3 posts per week on social media to keep the people in relation with the game.

    Thank you TC for making my childhood fun!

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    Hi there,

    Well you are correct my friend but we had just 1 little problem , we had just 1 developer and that made it quite hard for us to go look for what you just pointed out in your thread.

    We actually have a new design since last year but we never got close to implementing it due to the lack of time of our dev.
    Publicity goes hand in hand with so many things but mainly with 1 big one, how happy are you with he product that you want to advertise ( I want to tell you Facebook ads are actually the worst of all the bunch out there ) . We are starting now with some publicity in some countries and funny enough it seems to be working.

    Regarding our translation , it is done by players that have access to our system so I must say If you find any problems with it there are section on the forum where you can report it or to our support . As you can imagine I can't control all the translations hehe, I barely speak 4 languages.

    That being said very soon TC will have a new face we just have to make sure all our players and especially the old ones are asked about the visuals because I must say many actually like the old face and would not agree with an aggressive change.

    Thanks for the feedback and i hope you will be here to see the changes.
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    Thank you for the answer .

    Regarding to facebook ads . Its different from country to country . In romania , facebook ads are very powerfull (but like you said , not the best) . I work with facebook ads (not personal , my company ) and we are satisfied with the number of users that facebook provides us .

    I will be here to see all the upcomming changes , keep up the good work!



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