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    Default Changes Round 105

    Hi guys ,

    I am here to talk to you about the changes in Round 105

    1. New investments in Bank after day 104.

    2.Respect given by money was reduce by 50 %

    3.Badges for best profession during the round

    4.Button to collect all drugs from all buildings was created

    5.Black Thursday event was changed and will now range between 5% and 15% instead of 10% to 20 %

    6.Bill Gates was added to virtual gangs

    7.Price of base stats in hospital were tripled

    8.All kill required for levels reduced to half

    9.You can now purchase Money laundry item up and until day 104

    10. Pimp will have 20 transactions instead of 15

    11. Nerf to dealer : 22% when selling to boat from 27%

    12. Dealer will get his 4th building at level 12 / Sadly I forgot to mention this change in the video

    Other changes that might influence the round.

    * Changes to boats: small drugs will come with better bonus in harbor
    * Changes to levels: small changes to respect requirements . Please see GAME GUIDE for more info.
    * Changes to rave list
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    I would like to suggest that the update of the button for collecting all the drugs was readjusted, because when you do not have the stamina to collect everything, it is pending 1 or more, you can not use the "all" button again, because it understands that it has 1 or more already collected, then you need to make the targeted collection again by resetting this button when the person can not collect all the drugs at once.

    A request I believe to be simple but effective, at least to my mind I have had to perform this operation a few times because I wanted to collect the drug and it had no stamina and no stamping ticket, then I could not use the "everything" button and I had They do it one by one.



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