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    Exclamation Changes round 106

    Hi guys lets talk about the changes of round 106.
    • Increased required time for building upgrades. Adjusted production at each building level. Max production has not been changed.
    • Businessman will receive the 6th building at lvl 6
    • Standard nightclubs are only available until level 3.
    • Adjusted level 13 requirements for all professions.
    • Prizes for top killers have been increased by 1000 credits!
    • Hooker pictures are back!
    • You can't buy nightclubs or whorehouses before level 2.
    • Nightclubs and whorehouses will increase in price every time you buy one.
    • The hacker event is now between 4% and 11 %.
    • High Risk stocks will only go up by 25% when Economy is in town.

    Change to robs :
    • Motorcycle gang: As extra reward it will give only the last 6 hookers.
    • Millionare Yacht will require 33% stamina
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