Got banned for "using VPN:, I've submitted a ticket 3 days ago.. Can you guys help me?

Does it really have to take 3+ days? 3 days of unjustly ban.. really?

I wasn't using any VPN/tor/proxy/whaatever I'm using my own internet connection here in UK. My provider is SKY Broadband. I've created account in Poland when I was during Christmas time.
Is it really hard to solve it guys and remove that ban? I'm really innocent.

Looks like no one cares that I've bought a VIP and now I'm skipping VIP features (not even mention about normal events/sales/features/production boosts).
Why no one tried to contact with me to solve it/ask about it before? Was it easier just to ban a player and ignore his ticket/contact ways for 3+days?

Come on guys..

Br/ Krystian