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    Default Losing my stats and money

    Today , i lost my money and stats.Firstly i lost my 5m and some stats then i thought someone had attacked me but there was no mesage in my mailbox so that i invested in my money to the bank but when i joined my profile i lost my money which is in my bank and some stats.
    My id : 17659057
    My nick : Enlaidgtmsacavgb

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    i lost my stats again i was about 20k now i have 19k

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    Dec 2008


    Hi there, It seems you got attacked 2 times... at least that is what I saw. Now i can't understand why you are losing money . So can you please tell me what TIME TC you saw you lost money ?

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    i saw someone attacked me but when they attacked me i lost my stats, i lost maybe 5 times my stats and money,they attacked me 2 times, and now in TC Time i saw 14:43 i lost 1k stats again and lost about 30m money.

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    i understood why did i lost my money , i had 3 building and i paid for that. However, i lost my 1k stats steadily.



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