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    Unhappy Medaaaaaaaaalssssss where areeeeeee???????????????

    I want to leave my dissatisfaction with the (abuse crew), when it is of interest to you, resolve in 10 minutes, especially when it comes to banning people. Now those who played the round all right, hoping that in the end they would win a medal, you stay in that CLOWN, they divulge new badges, people are wanting to see the new badges, I posted in the forum you gave the deadline of 2 days, of 5. is already on day 47 of the game, will wait until when to drop the medals and badges? No more talking and letting go of the players right! Or stop to promise what you will not keep.

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    There I've left a post about the delay.

    So please do not create more topics about same thing.
    Abuse CREW
    [email protected]

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    Hi there,

    We are try finish with winners asap!

    Best regards,



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