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    I'm not here to promote anyone, not my friend.
    I am here to tell you that this crew must be investigated, pass a fine comb and observe who should stay or not
    I thought the forum was for players to say what they think,right?
    Now if you think everyone is satisfied with the crew, throw a polling box to be sure.
    Or turn this FORUM into a newspaper where only the crew have an active voice.
    The players want respect, the players want change ... after all this game is still standing thanks to the players who buy credits.
    Thank you,
    let the players say what they think ... it would have made a better game!

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    olá.. Sandrinhow

    só fiquei observando até agora... mas agora vou me pronunciar .. desde que um engraçadinho mal resolvido chegou aqui..

    primeiramente obrigado pelos elogios..

    segundo: aqui não é lugar pra isso. tem um local próprio para você expor seu feedback.. mas mesmo se você quiser falar aqui... isso não será um problema para peppe.. afinal ele é bem resolvido e sabe muito bem lidar com isso.. é normal para ele.. devido ao cargo que assume.

    terceiro: eu quem pedi pra sair..sai porque quis.. eu mesmo removi meus acessos

    quarto: não preciso que ninguém me promova... eagleking... porque convite para voltar é o que não falta.. TRABALHE MAIS E FALE MENOS.. DESCULPE.. QUEM FALA O QUE QUER OUVE O QUE NAO QUER.. SORRY..

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    Actually, it seems we cant recieve an answer in English because a guy does not want us to understand what he says.

    About what we do here, we work enough and we do what we are supposed to do.

    If there is something to reply, of course, we will have to reply and give our opinions which I do. That does not mean we just talk and donot work.

    You know? There are people who can talk and work together. That should not be hard for you as well.

    I speak what I believe, I do whatever my responsibility and I act like a grown man. I believe that is enough for the place where I am and where I will be in the future in my life and work.
    Your Sincerely
    eagleking52 / Tolga Gedik
    Abuse Team Leader

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    hi ,

    If I speak Portuguese ... its because Portuguese support here ... you who should not be here. just lament !!! But do you understand Portuguese too

    hello sandrinhow

    I only been observing until now ... but now i going to pronounce ... since an unfortunate little joke arrived here ..

    first of all thanks for the compliments

    second: here is no place for that. has a place for you to expose your feedback .. but even if you want to talk here ... this will not be a problem for Peppe .. after all he is well resolved and knows how to handle it .. it is normal for him .. due to the position that assumes.

    third: I asked to leave .. it's because I wanted to .. I even removed my accesses

    four: I do not need anyone to promote me ... eagleking ... because invitation to i am return is what not miss .. WORK MORE AND SPEAK LESS .. EXCUSE .. WHO SPEAKS WHAT WANT.... HEAR WHAT YOU DO NOT WANT .. SORRY. .

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    I think the case is closed ... if you sandrinhow .. have some problem with peppe .. you deal with it .. and do not put third parties in the conversation ..

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    I strongly agree with Astro. If you have a problem with one crew you can't complain about the whole crew. You do not know who is working or not. Abuse crew's job is not to increase the number of players or number of credit buyers. Their job is to find cheaters and punish. This is actually the job of Planning crew and Social Media team. Every department has its own duty/goal. That's why we have separated crew into the 5-6 department. Also, as I know we may need one Brasilian crew if you complain about crew so let's make recruitment and come here? What about that? It is easy to complain from there, but come here and take action.
    Abuse CREW
    [email protected]

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    #Closed!!! Crew
    Support Team
    [email protected]



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