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    Default About a game to play alone and clean :)

    I returned to play 3 rounds ago, 2 did not complete, and I hope to complete this ... I see the insistent attempt of you, to make the players more and more play alone, and to have less or no have spys...
    only that this attempt is increasingly frustrated by something called teamview... because some have and play with 10/15/20 accounts, and others do not and unfortunately play alone and without accounts to raise their stats...
    and every round always win, players who at first had more accounts in their favor ... except one or another exception like Adu at round 104... why not release 5 or 10 rabbits, for each player, like in past rounds (but were 75) linked to your account, and your account can only receive stats from those accounts? and these accounts could only be part of a gang among them or bot gang ... so you would put them all on an equal footing and have a game less dirty, where you always have an advantage who have more "teamviwer" or more internet connections? these accounts would have to have limitations, maybe such as percetual earnings gains in hunting, and professions (maybe all profession released less hitman)...

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    Hello Honome.

    Its a bit hard to ban players for teamviewer use without proofs. Our team is checking every day the accounts for bot, macro, rabbit mode and other stuff that can be not helpful for other players. I can say that every day our team ban at last 10account for breaking rules. For the winners of every round we check them from the day 1 if they are clean or not. For any feedbacks that can help im,prove the game you are welcome to send it in forum section feedback - other languages.

    Have a nice game!!!

    Best regards Truri
    Support Team
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    Hi , well we have so many limitations but we can't stop donations , there is no way I can tell you to not give KILL to one of your friends or to donate your stats. We have IP limits we have kill limits , too many limits If you ask me. What I can tell you for sure is this there are professions that need help If you want to win top 1-5 , for example PIMP or Broker. If you think about it, you need a team / gang if you want to win anyway because If you do not have one you can't perform gang robberies.Even tho we want the game to be a single account game , that account will need a " team " in order to win.

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    yes i understand, most of the time is not a team as extensive as it seems, are 2 or 3 players, playing with 15/20 accounts

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    Default Exactly

    I started the game recently and that's exactly what it is ... I wanted a game that does not need other people who could play alone and succeed with dedication.

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    would love to see that, i mean really?? do i have to join gangs and get killed more than once just to proceed?? what if i like solo playing, it's hard

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    Hello All,

    As it is mentioned, banning players for TeamViewer usage, it is quite hard without proofs and it is quite hard to prouve it unless they give it to us themselves.

    About taking helps and stats or kills, we try to void any of them but again, we cannot stop people helping each other.

    You are free to play as single. But, we also want to see you to interact with each other. So, there are some missions and some level requirements to do so.

    In any case, we do keep the virtual gangs for whoever wants to play along. But, until a certain level, that is prettly simple and easy. So, you can play.

    But, if you aim some big achievements in the game, you must be a full qualified player. You must gather a team, you must make respect, make stats and make robberies, both single and gang robberies.
    In any case, game is a strategy game. You can even find a way to be top player as single player. But, it is going to be quite difficult. But, I do not believe that it is impossible.
    Your Sincerely
    eagleking52 / Tolga Gedik
    Game Manager
    Abuse Team Leader
    [email protected]



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