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Thread: Haters

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    Thumbs down Haters

    Hi noobs, just few things
    First: I asked You thousands times to do something with my account becouse can't buy credits. Only way is to ask another player in my country to buy for me credits , but this account get already permanent BAN

    Second: Yes , Bogooos.
    If You think that somebody spend 8k credits and play clean without any bot or something just be faster than Your shit servers which makes so much traffic that u can go to same rave in 1 sec becouse the list of clubs aren't refreshed- than U are stupid
    We see all what U Bebynho20 had write to him. I will post this also here that everybody can read this

    3: u make this Game sick. Starting Bank Investment from day 20 every 5 credits spend, detox credits, buildings credit, whores credit, new investment credit. You want that all would buy credits for this? Just read my 1 Topic, HOW I NEED TO BUY THIS CREDITS??

    4: I read topic about Bans and Bot or something like this. There is written 3-4/10 players was banned by mistake?! Wtf
    Without regards, just waiting for ban in last Day. Aris

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    Hi , I will try to be as polite as possible here,1. We do know we have some lag issues this round and we are doing the best we can to find out why we have said issue.2. This is the first time I hear you can't buy credits, only some countries have issues and that is because of the situation in those countries. From what I see in your country you have Skrill so that means you can use a card. That being said I do not know if we have PAYSAFECARd active in that country , I will check and try to see why that is not an option 3. Post what ? ticket answers ? Your friend is a cheater end of story , deal with it !!! FYI , nobody is making you buy credits



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