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    Lightbulb Suggestion / Opinion

    Below some suggestions:

    I believe that just like me, other members also use mobile devices to play TheCrims, and we know that we do not get good development through a mobile device as good as a player using a desktop.

    Simple example is when we enter in a rave and we come across other players ... The time it takes to choose the option to strike is enough for the opponent to commit an overdose or a face plastic...

    1 - My suggestion would be to develop an application of the Game to facilitate players who do not have desktops and only mobile devices. I believe that in addition to improving the gameplay will attract the attention of many other players around the world.

    2 - Another suggestion would be regarding their morale in the game, I realize that if I stay 1 day (24 hours Real) without logar, when returning my morale is low ... Just some drug sales or collect some money so that my morale changes to Super Drugged

    I think it would be interesting if the morale was changed only if the user made theft, attacking other users or entering the fight club ..

    3 - Create a different kind of reward that encourages players to steal, whether "solo" or in gangs. I do not say a "reward" necessarily in currency, but in items, for example.

    Example: day x day that a character arrives in CrimCity and effecting x amount of robberies (Solo) or a quantity of robberies x (Gangs), each member wins a random item...

    4 - The flap "Stuck" is popping up like a message on the screen: you can find your own nuts on the boats. You must be fast and stay alert, you can become a victim!

    What is the need to leave a tab unusable?

    5 - I have noticed through friends who also play Thecrims that according to the time that will pass the missions for you to level up is getting more complicated, especially for some characters like assassins where you need to attack a quantity x of other players to increase it . If a player starts the game in the middle of the round, the difficulty of leveling up is absurd. Just as there are virtual gangs, would not it be interesting to create virtual players, not to facilitate the game, but at least to clarify the end of the tunnel for some players?

    6 - As for the medals of "Conquest" daily or round, why not go back like the old ones and / or add other ...

    A) For most goods sold at the docks (at the end of the round) ..

    B) For the player who has logged in at least x amount of times determined by the Crew, but obtained the least respect (At the end of the round)

    Which player would not like to have a badge on your profile?

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    I will give this to our Planning team .. We used to have ITEMS as robbery reward but it was so broken we had to remove it. I will ask our developers if there any way to connect the LVL requirements to the time when you activate the account and if that is possible we will make the change because I do like the idea. Regarding the badges , we have some issues with them , I mean we do give them but we struggle to identify those that get them. For next round tho we won't be able to have them since we are working on the new dealer.Thank you for the feedback!!

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    I thank you for your patience in reading my suggestion!



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