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    Thumbs down Drug dealer bots & macros

    Ok, so here's the thing, this is well-know, since players get the drugs INSTANTLY, even with weird numbers, I've seen this happening MANY times today.
    Exemaple: 9.200.000 booze shows up, CLICKS and its gone, not even the time to copy and paste or someone had 9200000 wrote in the quantity and just clicked buy???

    How hard is it to ban players who abuse that???
    There's nothing we (common-players) can do about this...
    The only chance a legit player has its when drugs come by 20kk+, so the botter needs to wait 3sec to buy/sell.

    And don't even try to reply me saying that this doesn't exist, it's pretty obvious.
    at least you need 1sec to copy and paste the value, or write down 9.999.999 to buy the drug

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    We are aware of this situation and we try our best to punish those players.
    For now we are working on the change that will come for the drug dealer.



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