I have played the beta version and see different "Drug Dealer" features. And also I saw some other single robberies where we can loot drug materials.
One problem is the production section like buildings in beta still buggy, I can't collect productions.

An idea for the "laboratory" thing. Why can't we produce more drugs in labs?
Suppose I have 3 million items of Ketamine to produce SPK. But why it's limited only 9999 items ? I forgot the exact number because I can't collect and produce more items.

Can we buy multiple laboratory? Suppose business man want to produce more Exta & SPK, I don't want to produce mushrooms and weeds, why don't you allow us to buy more than 1 lab?
Because this also become part of the strategy.

Another Idea, add a random item that can make investment time become 1 day faster than normal investment that can be won from dice or leveling up. So other professions also can have the same experience in investment like businessman.

Thanks in advance.

PS: have you solve the nightlife stamina refill issue & gang robbery issue? it is still lag when you try to rob faster and refill stamina faster.