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    Lightbulb [QoL] New Ideas and Twerks indo classes and strategy

    Ok, let me start saying that most of the current players are not in the young age and have all the free time to play anymore.
    Or they do, but don't have the same facility as we did back in the day, when a lot of new players came into the game and such.

    With that being said and since we don't have a TC app for mobile/tablet, we need to make the game better and less depended on how many hours we have to play the game, like a 24/7 meathead.

    We already have training boosters, good implemented.
    So, why don't we have an upgrade boost for buildings too? Maybe with price up to 5cred, just like detox and inventory hide item?
    I will start saying about the black market items, avaible by credits:

    Just make sure to include some rules to it, regarding the timer of the upgrade. Make it so it boosts the upgrade when you're on the last day of waiting, for example from Lv 11 to 12, you need to wait (not sure) let's say 5 days, and you won't be able to last upgrade since you just have upgraded last time at 23:40, and you won't be able to re-upgrade at that time of the following day cuz you need to work or whatever, make the boost work only on the last day and complete just the lasting HOURS.

    ... (so big bets on casino would actually matter anything)
    This item should have 1 day use only, lasting 3-5min, like stone from PIMP, but you would be able to see the card from blackjack, on the other hand and Slotmachine, you would never lose 100%, maybe you win the same as you bet or get 10% profit.
    Another ideia for the same item is increasing the bet you could do, up to 50% more, being super risky but also amazing rewards, same time as before and costing 3creds.

    Now the items for professions:
    We already have True Junkie for Dealers - Hardcore for Pimps - Labour Love for Businessman and Money Laundering (best used by Robbers, since they are the ones that can farm the most money within the less time, by just robbing).

    But we don't have an item best used by Brokers or Hitmen, maybe hitmen it's a bad example, but broker definitely needs an item.

    Maybe an Item that lets you sell the stock to the market but hide it from everyone, lasting 2-3 days, similar to Dealer items, so you could be safer on selling/buying stocks, while not losing them to someone randomly.
    Another idea would be getting a discount when buying the stocks, based on the risk, better discounts when they are low, less when medium and low discount on high, just like in real life, since you can get better rewards from higher to lower risky. (This is very similar to True Junkie).

    The Hitman Item, could make the Raves/Hooker Mansions easy to find people on it, like showing an arrow/signal where the rave who is being more popular OR you could see the respect limit of the raves (not the same), this could last 3-5 days, depends on how easy this could go.

    That way, all the professions (besides Gangster) could get an item for them to use correctly and get the most benefits from them.

    Ok now let's talk about old features that TC had and are long gone, Sabotage (not sure, but something like that), that you could attack other players items/labs/money or whatever.
    But this could make the game way more fun, with our currently classes.

    The only hunter class nowdays are: Hitman and Businessman
    For solo hits and for putting GA, i'm saying this cuz people play hitman obviously for hunting people blind and from getting much more assault power and businessman to hunt people down, with rave names and having high tolerance helps to tank hits or at least to not die as much.

    My ideia is to create an option to attack other players, from rave or mansions, similar to GA, where you could attack and then proceed to assault screen, but there you could calculate if you smack or not, but not for stats but for whatever your class is based on the most.

    Let's say you're playing pimp and find another pimp in rave and you get this "plan sabotage", so you go to assault screen and you can try "hitting" the other pimp, maybe killing the hookers he has, randomly, this would create more strategy into the game, besides buying the most expensive ones, you should buy them all, to protect from this sabotage.

    Same would happen to businessmen, getting the Factories damaged, or losing a level, so you would need to upgrade again, or stealing the production.

    This sabotage option, could go 1 time only per player, per day.
    And based on the class status, like from pimp's charisma, businessman tolerance, etc etc...

    These are my ideias for now, I will update soon with some more, I hope you guys like them!
    See you later ~

    TLR - Ideias in general, regarding classes, game strategy and teams.

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    I do not think we can make upgrades for credits .... people will scream pay to win because they think they can play a game for 7 weeks and win top 1 ( 300 euros ) for free so I really I don't think that will work

    I do like the idea of sabotage and it is already created we just did not have time to implement it .. We even had a poll about it on Forum.

    I really want to thank you for the feedback and please wait until next round because I think R 109 will change your mind about how to play the game.

    PS :If you want to read the sabotage we have created please send me an email and I will grant you access to the Document



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