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    Red face BETA - Drug Market

    Hello, what happened to beta's drug market?

    I was checking the changelog, and saw this:

    Round 108
    New drug market!
    Hitman stats rewards has been update to give less strength and more of the other types.
    You can now get 20 kills from each player.
    Max members in a gang is now 13. Required participants for gang robberies have been adjusted accordingly.
    Max profit from hookers is attained at 1500000 charisma for all characters.
    Gang leader now decides if gang assault victim is kicked from the gang or not.

    Can someone explain it better?

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    Hi ,

    Since we want to remove all bots from dealer and we want to give the dealer profession a real reason to exist .. we create this new market.

    I will explain it in depth very soon in a video that we will post on Youtube but bottom line : now half of the drugs are deleted and you need to create them . The old dealer is no more .. so basically you can't buy drugs anymore.



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