So I came back last round after being away for few years and since everything changed, I need help with info about how you attack players.

Back in the day, when you met someone in rave, new red relation appeared and you could select that target in attacks tab if you were quick enough. Nowadays things are clearly different. I literally met like 5 people and got 0 red relations. Also I couldn't select anyone to attack. Then I went and read all changes in past rounds and I realized, that now you can only attack players in raves. Also I found out, that if you get out of rave fast enough you can't get attacked anymore. There is a post on forum with gif's as answers to faq but images don't work anymore. Now:

- It would be nice if someone could explain to me how you can attack someone, solo attack and gang attack ( Do I have to click on users name in rave when he enters or what do I have to do ? )
- Also in changes ( round 94 ) it states, that you can not get attacked anymore if you leave rave. Is this still true and does it cover both solo and gang attacks ? ( If I enter -> buy drugs -> leave in like 0.25 sec, will I basically be immune to attacks, assuming that people won't be able to attack me that quickly ? )

Thank you