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Thread: Ideas for game

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    Default Ideas for game

    Hookers that produce 1000$ per day, useless, should be removed, and you hook them up as u enter a club, still useless

    Create an office version so we can play at work

    Club prices that u receive from visitors are useless, what i am supposed to do with 5,935$, when i have billions? Do something about that, raise the prices so we can collect something from that club, 5k $ are nothing
    Painkillers $3,039 1013
    Booze $1,636 409
    Ecstasy $1,260 105

    Drugs $5,935
    Total $5,935

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    You are totally correct , there are still some numbers here that do not add up.
    2 round ago fixed the price you are asked to change rave... What price do you think would work ?! Or should the increase be steady during the round?!

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    raise the prices of drugs in club so they gather some consistent sum of dollars, except for the owner and the <200 respect
    there must be a big difference between buying from dealer and buying from the club, when u buy a beer from a supermarket vs buying a beer from the club
    get mode expensive hookers join you as u enter the clubs, not those that produce 1000$ per day...

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    Why do i have quests like kill 5 crew members, kill 20 people from 12 countries if i am a business man not a hitman?
    And why do i get only 3 mil for a 150000 difficulty robbery? isn t that too low? at 150000 skill u have at least 1000 bilions in you account

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    kill 20 people from 12 countries

    I believe that for all the characters except for the hitman you have to give much more statistics as a 20k prize is very little, because it is very difficult for an entrepreneur or pimp to do 20+ kill 12 different countries



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