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    Default COMPONENTS and DRUGS INFO !!

    Hi guys,

    I know many of you have many questions about drugs and components so here you have it

    Robberies and the components they give

    Moroccan harbour- - 100.000 units of Hash Oil
    Farmacy- - 100.000 units of Ibuprofen
    Ambulance - -100.000 units of Claviceps
    Local dealer -- 23.000 units of Phenylacetone
    Drug Factory - 20.000 units of ketamine
    Rave party --70.000 units of mdp2p
    Hardware Store --80.000 units of Gbl
    Hospital - - 15.000 units of Morphine Sulfate
    Local Pusher- 40.000 Diamorphine

    That being said these are the components and the drugs you can make from them

    Hash created with Hash Oil
    Painkillers created with Ibuprofen
    Lsd created with Claviceps
    Amphetamine created with Phenylacetone
    Special K created with ketamine
    Ecstasy created with mdp2p
    Ghb created with Gbl
    Morphine created with Morphine Sulfate
    Local Pusher created with Diamorphine


    EG: 3.33 units of Ketamine creates 1 Special K

    For you to produce drugs from Components, you must have Laboratory in buildings.

    Go to Buildings >>>>
    Click over Laboratory

    You will see your components, and you will be able to select the components you want to produce You can put the amount and you can start producing.

    Once it is finished, you need to collect it like you do on buildings.
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