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Thread: Announcement !

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    Good morning,

    When we created the auction system and removed dealer it was because we got a hundred emails and messages complaining that people are using macro in dealer and in doing so they made the game unfair.

    We thought we found a way but sadly after our last change people started using again external programs , this time at the Black Market.
    Our last change was meant to bring balance between BOATS and COMPONENTS and to make boats more important again.
    Sadly the ratio we chose of 2 to 1 gave CHEATERS the chance to do what they do best. RUIN THE GAME

    That being said I have to announce 2 little things :

    1. CHANGE TO RULE 13: ACCOUNTS found to have gained advantages from accounts BANNED for RULE 5 will be banned until the end of the round.

    2. The ratio Component / Drug is now set to 3 / 1 .

    e.g: You need 3 Ketamine to create 1 SPK unit

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