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    Default dealer ?????????

    bebynho, u ****ed me so hard by removing the ****ing dealer, my entire game style was based on this 'npc'
    what should I do with my tons of drugs?
    someone can help?

    "Analgésicos 40432
    Cerva 188196078
    Maconha 137669063
    Cogumelos Alucinógenos 100238369
    LSD 28738
    Ecstasy 263308
    Cocaína 16449160
    Heroína 7526878
    Hash 242241
    Special K 6583272
    GHB 361167"

    onde eu enfio essa porra de droga agora?? na boate? nem tem player pra usar isso
    Last edited by MANODOCEU; 04-26-2019 at 03:42 PM.

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    Drug dealer comes to town every few days ( 3-4 days ) and u can sell your drugs then. Also not being able to buy drugs from dealer was a good change imo, because instead of just blindly buying as much as you can when boat comes, now you have to play more strategically.

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    47 The Drug Dealer is in town!
    we had the event 2 days TC ago and will probably come soon as well . If you want to sell you have to connect everyday and check events

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    Hello, I misunderstood the thread 'Advertisement!' 04-26-2019, 01:22 AM
    Thank you for the explanations.



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