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    Unhappy How can new player possibly join an active gang ?

    like genuinely trying to learn this game read some guides so now i know what to do yet i feel like i'm not getting 100% this game can offer cause i'm always solo guess i joined to late not many people seem to care about this game anymore and its really hard for players like me to join or form a gang i seen quite a few other new players asking then giving up and quitting the game well .. i will continue playing going to use this round as test to get how the game feels and next round probably will donate at least 20$ and try to play seriously but i really wish i knew some people here that i could chat with about the game etc its quite lonely ;(

    Oh and i don't know where you guys are pulling that cash out from your ass but lets just say it shouldn't cost 3 billion to be able to host a 6 man gang ... in my opinion that's bad decision

    and this is totally unrelated but why is the Square seperated between so many languages ? give us option to talk with everyone who is online the server is already dead don't kick it harder i actually want to enjoy the *online Game*
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    Hi there

    being a strategy game where you can actually win money makes it a little bit harder than other games. I can imagine nobody wants to tell you their secrets but on the forum there are many guides made by players.
    For us as crew it is quite hard to update the game guide with a strategy because the game changes quite a lot plus each profession requires a different strategy all together.
    I will ask our DEVS about creating a new type of street where you can all CHAT . I think that is actually a good idea meanwhile I would suggest to continue making posts on forum.
    IF you want or need any help just ask and I will answer.

    regarding gangs, next round I will reduce the money you have to give for the 1st upgrade in HQ , I to think it is a little bit too much.

    PS : don't lose hope we all had a rough start

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    quinton you dont need tactic to win ... you need luck only



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