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Thread: Fight club

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    Default Fight club


    Can someone tell me why Fight Club was removed from the game?


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    Hi ,

    I think I posted somewhere on the forum why but I can repeat it no problem.
    For a long time now we were not happy with FC so we removed it until we can give you guys a better feature.
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    How about a new fight club, with different mechanics, FC for everyone, like a mix btw FC and Hunt, where players need a ticket to enter in the competition and when in, they can select "one" player to fight.
    The page of the competiton should have included like 5 nightclubs, and when the players receive a msg of the challenge, they must go in those nightclubs to hunt and kill the opponent.
    They have like 7,5 TC minutes to find eachother and here the best thing, no stats needed, the fastest to hit will win and counting to a Ranking of kills/deads i guess.

    So will be good to ppl to try the best profession "Hitman" without loosing the famous stats but winning carisma btw the good hunters/killers

    Only you need is to be the fastest hitman :P

    PS: no bots allowed
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