Sup gangsters, so this is random and has been on my mind for awhile now, so I thought of sharing this awesome idea.
There should be a prison mode when you get busted, I'm talking like another realm of crim city, where you're stripped from all your weapons and you have to survive prison life.
My idea is you need to work your prison reputation up by doing inside jobs like smuggling, making narcotics, stealing drugs or chemicals from the infirmary, stealing raw materials from the machine shop to fashion weapons ect, and shanking other inmates with makeshift weapons that you can secretly make or buy.
It would be alot more interesting to survive prison life as a solo psycho serial killer or cooperating with your gang to potentially work your way up to escaping instead of just waiting for your sentence to be over.
Just elaborating some more, there can be other options like buying protective custody, snitching on highly respected gangsters or murderers outside of crimcity or your own gang to potentially cut your sentence or even be set free immediately,bitchslapping or talking shit about other inmates to lower their respect, beating them up and sending them to the infirmary or just killing them.
What do you guys think? Wouldn't a prison life be more interesting while you wait for your release date instead of just waiting.