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    Dec 2017

    Lightbulb Direct message to MEMOX

    Hello, I would like to alert you about a very inconvenient bug that is occurring in gang robberies.
    Today during the Bill Gates event I noticed that every time I went to the hospital and left, the robbery already selected on my GG robbery list was always CASSINO ROYALE, no matter how many Bill Gates robberies I did, every time I needed to overdose, after leaving the hospital always had to change the rob again to Bill Gates, the robbery was never pre-selected, every exit from the hospital was necessary to repeat the process, not to pull the wrong rob and disrupt the gang.
    As inconvenient as it is that you have to keep trying to select the correct theft again before someone else executes it, the worst part of this bug is the fact that it has a domino effect that affects every other gang member. In case of inattention, they will end up and go to stamine early and consequently overdosing, and go to the hospital, and then each of those who went to the hospital will have to do the same thing, try to select the correct theft again, and blah blah blah.
    I know it's a detail, and it takes just a few clicks, but top-gang players know how much it suxxx.
    Now wouldn't it be so much simpler and better for all of us, especially players, if my last gang robbery was already pre-selected? Even the specials, like Bill Gates.
    I have never noticed this problem with other thefts, and I conclude that:
    This is either a problem with special gang robberies only, or it's just Bill Gates who has this bug.
    Anyway, I hope that the problem has become clear, I thought it unnecessary to put with images because it is relatively simple, but if you can not understand or identify exactly the problem that I am referring to, I will provide more details about the problem, because it would be a dream to end this problem.
    Thanks in advance.

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    If you do not start a gang rob that will happen .. with all the robs not just with Casino



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