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    Lightbulb please, improve the achievement system

    I come again and humbly try to get the attention of the crew to hear me, because I have very good ideas for our beloved game, but the devs simply ignore me, act as if the game did not need suggestions, but anyway, come on .
    As far as we can see, the mechanics of the medals are somewhat similar to an achievement, it is a reward for an achievement performed that day, which gains prominence in the newspaper of the day after and together with it a medal in the profile of each one.
    Well then, in my humble opinion I think it would be a lot more fun if it were possible to know in real time who is the eligible player for each medal that day and what the current amount needed to be achieved so that I can try to fight for a certain medal.
    I explain why I think this would make the game more fun: Currently the medals are won almost randomly, because you can not have a notion if you will win the medal for that day or not, until waiting for the day to end, and this ends up frustrating players who like to compete for the achievements, because if I can not know how much I need to win some conquest, such as the biggest solo robbery of the day, how can I know if I have a chance to try to fight or if I already have the medal guaranteed and I can stop stealing, like things.
    I really believe that the mechanics of the medals are very good, but could be used to make the game even more competitive in some aspects, which would consequently bring a new portion of fun.
    I hope you read my suggestion and give your feedback.
    Thanks, greetings from Brazil

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    Becouse u are good robber I will answer for ur question
    Simple: u go to statistic, statistics of game and scroll down:
    Most successful single robberies of the day: 1000 joedumal2
    Go there one more time 30 min before end of day and check if u are still there
    If not: rob rob rob

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    Sorry for the late answer since round is over I do not enter much.
    xxarisxx makes a point you can do that but maybe we can have a life statistic that is more interactive and that is easier to find .

    I will send this to memox and maybe we can make it happen for R111.

    Thanks for your feedback, next time please send me an email at [email protected] and you will have an answer faster



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