Hello gangsters, today I am here to share another idea I had this week, this time I want to talk about the training page, and how we would ask it to improve it.
First, the key point of the question, something that I believe is a consensus for the vast majority of players who play or try to play seriously: every click, every action is very important, and the faster and more dynamically you can achieve your goals in the game, better your performance. So I ended up looking at a small UX detail that CREW could try to implement, as it would make training actions more agile for those who train using the item. Basically my idea is to integrate an option to use the item directly inside the training page, so that it is no longer necessary to go into training, then go on item, use the item, go back to the training page and then return to the training page. item. It would be much more dynamic and fast.
I did an issue showing how I imagine it would be, to illustrate my idea, I hope you at least analyze it.


Better quality image: