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    Default GREEDY/POOR Memox?

    VIP Package 3
    Price: 20 EUR
    -10% more credits when buying credits (does not apply to SMS or phone payments)
    Can buy 9 special items
    Access to special weapons
    Access to special armors
    30% discount on credit bailouts from prison
    30% discount on private care at the hospital
    15 extra tickets per day
    50 extra unique events, special drug prices and special transports that will buy your drugs for really high prices
    15% extra drug production
    See profit per day for your buildings
    A handy notebook, jot down for example your next target
    Access to the Bookkeeper at the stock market where you can see your past transactions
    2000 stat points that you can turn into any stat you want
    Item: 15 x Training Booster
    Item: 5 x Condoms
    Item: 2 x Talking Stone
    10 x SM Babe hooker
    10 x Miss Blonde hooker
    Item: 4 x Steroids
    Item: 4 x Ring of Fire
    Item: 20 x Private care
    Item: 20 x Jail Breakout

    Ok, so now if u want to play for any top U HAVE to spend ur money [20euro]. GJ guys, u are killing this game totaly. Keep like that. Go this way and u will close soon ur game cos u will stay maybe with 10-20 TC fanatics. Cos im sure rest of ppl will not spend their money to buy creds and now also VIP package.
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    Greedy, poor Memox ?! monh

    I wonder if Memox is greedy or poor when he is giving 500 dollars every month.
    Use half of that brain cell you have before you speak, please.

    Do you think that TC exists just to be the UNICEF for some of you ?!
    TC got 7 dollars from credits last round from a country that just won 450, every round players get over 200 dollars after they invest less than 20 or even 10 in some cases . Most top players get credits from friends .....

    Players that pay 100 euros, I actually sold credits 1 round to a guy for 60 euros on paypal got top 10 meanwhile another player that bought 5 dollars credits won 200 dollars.Where is the balance? Why should he spend money on credits?!
    Why someone in Poland, Swiss,Sweden should spend 100 euros and get nothing and someone in Turkey, Egipt, Romania make top with 10 or less?
    People need to get something when they pay ...

    Just to school you a little bit on how things work on the INTERNET !! We do not own, PAYPAL , we do not own Skrill , we do not own AMAZON , we do not own Fortumo.
    These companies WANT MONEY , not credits... they do not care we have prices for 2005 ... they live in 2019, so they want money for 2019. And the fact people buy items for 10 credits well it doesn't help.

    When I said let's make VIP with real money it was for a reason ... not because we want to get rich with your 20 euros (after taxes and payments probably 10 or less ) , it was because simply either we do this or we remove the prize in money.

    Things are quite simple, ALL GAMES and especially the ones that are ranked based require an investment to reach top 1 .. starting now so will TC.
    Now before you people rant with no sens please think how many will actually give you the chance to get your money back. Out of 100 games , during a month you will have to invest every week for a BUFF or VIP pack , TC gives you 1 round..

    And because I am still stupid, I actually want to create a pool where for each VIP 2 and 3 pack bought 1 or 2 euro will be raised to go to TOP 1 Inter and TOP Kills ...

    If you do not like the change, stop playing but do not come here to complain and insult without knowing the facts

    PS: Let me share a little secret ... we are keeping this game for the love of the game not for the money, because trust me nobody is getting rich here, well Bezos is but not Memox.

    PS2: With the changes I want the VIP will make even more of a difference as it should because when you pay ( 3 packs of cigs ) you should get something in return.

    RANT OVER !!!
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