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Thread: assassinos

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    Dec 2013

    Exclamation assassinos

    ola a todos eu gostava que me tirassem uma duvida .

    tou a jogar este ronde a assassino e deparo me com uma coisa muito estranha .

    eu nao entro em cima de ninguém simplesmente nao entro ,como outro jogadores que entrao em cima de mim .
    tipo é entrar e ter outro jogador lá , simplesmente tenho de esperar para entrar alguém e tentar correr ou atacar .

    isto é muito desagradável pois a quem entre e apanha logo 2 jogadores .

    obrigado espero me ter feito intender

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    Dec 2008


    Another hitman came to saying he thinks there is something weird happening to raves after a specific day. To be more exact , the rave page doesn't refresh as much making so that you only see the same 20 or 30 raves most of the time.
    This round we will test more because it is quite hard to think that is possible ... but I've seen crazy things happen in TC.

    The ration you see people I think it is random , when i rob I see at least 3 4 hitmans in my raves for each 100 tickets robbed. I guess it is pure luck man ..

    I do not know if that answers your questions



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