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Thread: Ban - r 5º ???

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    Angry Ban - r 5º ???

    Good morning support,

    today while stealing FK on 12/08 (in game 80 18:00) I was logged out and then noticed that my account had been banned for violating rule 5 of the game.

    At no time have I used any helper programs to manage my game, including I don't even know how to do that. I'm a Nutritionist, I don't have any knowledge about these programs, which eventually I see forum posts about use.

    Please submit a descriptive analysis of what kind of change I have made in game. I have been playing hard from day one and sacrificing hours and hours (213 hours) to get any kind of advantage within the game, whether using all tickets or buying the cheapest bids whenever possible, abusing strategies.

    The drugs I have were the result of other bids I had been producing before.

    I didn't miss any training, not at all!

    I heard in the IMPERIUM group that other members had unjustly banned.

    Can a non-VIP PLAYER not be on top, playing correctly and tracing his strategy well?

    I have not purchased the VIP because I do not agree with the amount being required. But, I have invested several times in the purchase of credits to help me and get bonuses within the game.

    I demand answers, I am an old player here, since 2008. I came back at the invitation of some friends and what I have seen is a one-sided game, with very few members of what was in my time. I want the release of my account to resume playing normally without any type and punishment. Tomorrow would be boat day (day 81) and I will be at a disadvantage. Is this what you do with a player who stands out in the community?

    What is going on with the game? Will there always be a $$ monopoly?

    I want DETAILED evidence, I'm being hurt by the game itself, where the killer bots and lags should be attacked at the wrong time.

    I want details of using programs as you report. Day, progress, access, time of use, ALL!

    This in all this process.

    I have everything registered here, if I do not receive information consistent with the practice I will be calling my brother who is a lawyer to manage the case. It is unfair that this happens and I had to experiment in practice to see what the forum players post every round. I have never banned in my life here or on any other gaming platform. I know you have quality support and will review what you did to me. Otherwise, I will take all reasonable measures, after all, the game messes with money!
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    Hi there,

    Please, send a ticket to our Support Center!
    Use the section Abuse- Complaints only.

    Best regards, Crew
    Abuse Team
    [email protected]



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