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Thread: Pay to win ?!

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    Default Pay to win ?!

    I see some of you are complaining and saying the game is pay to win ... yeah probably true but you are paying to win MONEY not candy.
    And the world sadly works like this , you want to win you have to invest.
    Sadly the TC community was used to the good life, get VIP from friends since we can transfer credits , and if we are lucky with the 5 euros invested we can get 100 or if we guess the boat 300 , and boom easy money.

    I want to make something clear, the game was PAY TO WIN ANYWAY even before ... ALL GAMES ARE . I've been playing this game for many years now and I have never seen a player win without spending at least 5 to 10 euros. THEREFORE PAY TO WIN !!!! The last browser game I played I had to pay between 20 euros up to 60 just to train my players ... THERE WAS NO PRIZE AT THE END of this.

    That being said our idea is not to create a situation where that buys 40 VIP wins , even tho clearly in all the games who puts more money is clearly the strongest or should be, but to clearly give an advantage to the player that buys the VIP PACK , a situation that before was out of the question.

    Some changes will be made for next to the VIP PACKS that I think will more or less bring a little bit of balance, even though I am planning to make them stronger since I think people are not getting enough for what they are paying , especially for VIP 1 and VIP 2 .

    That being said , my problem is not the fact GANG X change their name to PAY TO WIN ... but I will address that as well.

    1.Regarding the pay to win , well nobody is making you play. Sadly games need money to survive and If we do not change something we will have to actually CLOSE the game. At this point we are keeping it open for the fun of meeting once a week to plan for the future .... Sad but true.

    2.And this is the one I want to FOCUS ON : Accusing Crew of being CORRUPT with no PROOF what so ever really really triggers me at this point. Especially after at least 10 years of doing this and having to deal with cheats and liars on a daily basis. The last dirty crew we had was ASTRO AND HE WAS BANNED and the people he helped were BANNED AS WELL so I really do not understand why people still think we are helping X or Y here.

    That being said ABUSE was INSTRUCTED this morning to ban all PLAYERS THAT :

    a). Create profiles that insult crew members and their work

    b). Set up nicknames that insult crew members and their work.

    If any of you has any proof or they suspect of a crew doing something wrong or helping players you can send an email to [email protected] or [email protected]

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