There are some ideas to make the game a little more fair, and end up a little the milk and the kill donations.

1 - Anonimous Raves and Hookers for everybody, all the professions, with the maximum of 1 drug (to not identify) cuz even if the rave is anonimous, killing donations is possible
since players can go skype and say for example, "i found the rave with booze, hash, morfine and heroin" go!
It will make the donations of kills harder since they will need to go rave and find eachother, and others players can find them first.

2 - Gang Red Relations, a Player and a Gang could attack a certain gang only 1 or 2 times per TC day maximum.

3 - Stats loss/gained in a G.A around, 0,1% to 0,5% based on the level of the players inside, position of the gang in the ranking and etc.
It will make the "milk" alot harder, since they will have to WORK ALOT, to do the stats transfer.

4 - VIP's can be bough not "after 48 hours" BUT, the "items and tickets" received be 50% after the first vip, and after 5 VIPS it be only 25% with the same real life cash price.
So, if a player like COLD, want to waste alot of real life cash to have an "advantage", let him do it, the game say thanks, but it will not be so "pay2win" game, cuz even if he buys 100 vips, others players still will have a chance if they play hard.

5 - Hospital can be paid in CASH just like Prison, cuz alot of players doesnt have credits, and dont have real life cash to buy.