My idea for fully customizing raves and whore houses again is basically not making every rave and whore houses look the same, but instead making every player that goes into the rave or whore house look the same.
So when a player enters, display them as a party picture avatar that looks the same as everybody else in the building so it will be difficult to pick out the victim they intended to assault, perhaps put a lot more bots in the building so it will be harder to get easy kills.
This way there won't be anymore easy kills because every victim will look the same without displaying their name or respect level only until after assaulting the victim will their identity be displayed, but this way there still is a risk of choosing a random victim that may be another player or bot that may be a higher level than you.
Then once assaulting a victim, you will be either kicked out of the rave for the rest of the day, imprisoned, being hospitalized yourself or actually getting away with it depending on the raves security level or something like that.
Can this be a solution to make customizing your buildings an option again?