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Thread: R111 Changes !

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    Exclamation R111 Changes !

    Hi guys,

    These are the changes for R 111. For this round I will make a Youtube clip explaining the changes a little bit plus what are plans are for the rounds to come.

    1.Spying kit has been removed. I finally agreed to this and I think it makes sense... I will bring it back but 1st we will have to improve it

    2. We have shortened the round by 8 days and with this clearly END GAME arrival was changed as well .

    3. 500 buildings to businessman when upgrading buildings from lvl 12 to 13. This buff was needed since clearly businessman was in a world of trouble compared to pimp , dealer and broker. Eg: Businessman had 3250 buildings after lvl 13 upgrade . After this buff he should have 3750 per slot

    4. Increased by 5% the money received by Robbers when performing single robberies.

    5. You can now buy 1 VIP pack every 48 H.

    6. After last round I realized VIP packs , especially 1 and 2 , were not giving people enough for the money we were asking so now they got a slight buff.

    7. Events from VIP will have the same increase in price as boats from harbor.

    8. Nightlife changes: Whorehouses will be shown now the same way we show raves.

    9. Amphetamine and Painkillers buildings are back in business.

    10. Training items can be activated from the training page.

    11. Dealer nerf: This has to come, since last round with the addition of the cookie item plus the second laboratory this profession has become even much stronger than before.
    Now at lvl 12 dealers will have a 23% bonus when selling to boats in harbor

    12. Cook item will now give 50 % bonus components

    I want to thank all of you for the feedback you gave us and I am sure some of you will find your ideas here. If that is the case and I did not give you credit for them please contact me at [email protected] and I will fix that.

    Have a nice round !!!
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