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    And its fun to me people like you, complaining about the game problems, blaiming it on the VIP
    the vip is not the problem, the problem is people like YOU, that cheat, bot, and etc, and steal other peoples conquests
    for example, i was in the chat with the Turkeys and Egypts guys, and i saw how hard they worked to gain TOP 1 GANG
    but they didnt get it, wanna know why? cuz inside imperium, has alot of Spys, and Cheaters, that you guys made just to put the gang robbing 24hs per day

    the problem of the game is not the vip, is people like YOU, that see dirty players cheating and do nothing cuz its your friend.

    shut the **** up

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    Ok guys, revenge was made, now you all move on with your miserable lifes.

    Você mandou Bebynho20 pro inferno
    Sua inteligencia aumentou 11
    Sua força aumentou 56
    Seu carisma aumentou 11
    Sua resistencia aumentou 33
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