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Thread: cyber crime

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    Default cyber crime

    I've been quiet for a moment because I'm learning a little bit more about consumer law and online gaming laws, from the moment I spend money on your game as well as I have responsibilities to fulfill, the game also has, I I print both my expenses and everything you have said including the big comment in the forum including my name, as little as I know it goes into moral and material damage, I don't know how the laws work in your country, but I can't accept this injustice, if there is any flaw in your system as to former members of your team the problem is yours, the problem is the game, say I'm involved and ban my ip and still put my name like in a newspaper ad this becomes something that will have to be taken more seriously, I know my mistakes, I did it for all of them, but injustice I will not accept, I have nothing to do with any former crew member, claiming that everything happens from my IP is somethingbig and will need to be 100% proven

    No problem if they deleted the post that said my name, everything was saved and you exposed me, since you were and are so confident that I damaged the game to the point of banishing myself as if my money and my time had no value I really I ask you to prove, this is no longer a small conversation, Thank you

    PS: I'm currently playing fair I still have my topkill placement which is what I really want, Bebynho and memox can come talk to me as a man and disburse me or have to prove everything that has been claimed so far

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    The sad thing is the following ... We can't sue you and your dumb friends because you are from Brazil .... and we know there the law is quite funny e.g Robinho should do 7 years prison time for RAPE in ITALY and yet he is a free man because of Br laws.

    Now ..... I do not care what you did with your spare time an what you learned from Wikipedia, I will ban you on the forum now and If you want proofs, pay some lawyers and sue the company.

    PS: All accounts you create now and in the future, game or on forum will be banned once discovered. As I said before, you can thank your buddy Astro.
    PS2 : See ya in court and have a good day !!!!



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