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    Thumbs up About Ban for rule 5

    Hi guys, I would like to show my dissatisfaction with some things. In rr 108 I used bot to hunt and was banned correctly, but in this rr you banned and gave no chance of testing, there are some moments of my hunt what I punched when the guy left the rave and i waited for him to come right in selecting and attacking and so sometimes the time was fast. I could even accept being banned by rule 6, but bot rule not. I accept even so I was not clicking directly on the attack button I was always selecting and attacking and when they entered already died but my ban is until March next year because you can't replicate by selecting and attacking. Thank you abuse. Try this, wait for the guy to come in but keep selecting and attacking and you will see that you will be able to attack very fast without bot. There is no way you can say that all my attacks were that fast and those that were less than 500 ms around, it was because of this hunting mode. bye

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    Used bot and cry ? Good bye my friend. Your account have receive ban forever, your titles account is result for bot user. Create other account and beggin win titles honestly.

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    Hi there,

    You can use our Support Center for it.

    Best regards, Crew
    Abuse Team
    [email protected]



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