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    Lightbulb Career/job mode idea.

    Had this idea of a new work mode which would be similar to the training mode, perhaps it would be located just below training area.
    It might sound kinda lame but I think it would add another realm to The Crims imo.
    My idea is you would click on this work icon and it will list different legitimate non criminal jobs in crim city, each job will vary in difficulty and payrate depending on your stats, Intelligence, Charisma, ect..
    It will be sorta like training and auction if you will, the day you take the job you will have to try your best to log into your account and click on your work icon and start your shift in a timely matter, for a duration depending on your stats and promotions you may get.
    So let's say your work shift will start at 7:41, your will have to remember to log back in and click on start shift at that time, if you're on time and almost never late for a certain amount of shifts, you'll recieve a promotion, which will mean a higher pay and some bonus stats you gain for each work shift complete, but say if you continuesly log in and are late, you will get demoted and eventually fired from your job.
    But my whole idea behind this is to basically rise in ranks in the workforce and sort of become a functioning criminal that can blend in so to speak while still gaining stats like training mode and also a pay cheque, but in the long run who is actually finding weaknesses and blind spots to use to your advantage and eventually committing a more sophisticated robbery that will pay off and not be traced back to you if the timing and preparation are good, perhaps you can get your gang to help out also to speed the process up, or perhaps the job will require you to not get sent to jail to gain trust.
    Jobs that would be available will be based on your stat level, perhaps you can be an escort, but will require say 5000 charisma and 5000 intelligence to start that job path, or maybe a bank teller or manager for a higher stat prequisite to start that job, club bouncer, computer technologist, construction worker, security guard ect.. will all have different stat requirements.
    There are alot of possibilities to this idea I think and will make the game more interesting and strategic, but then again its Crimcity not Workcity, what are your thoughts on this idea?

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    Hmm, I am intrigued... My email is [email protected] create 1 or 2 jobs as you call them and send them to me.
    Once we have that we can work together on the feature



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