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    Default Newbie Questions

    Hi All,

    Its been bout 10 years since ive played this games just have few basic questions that im looking for little bit more information. Hope you can help.

    First of all stats:
    Intelligence (mainly for single robberies)
    Strength (mainly for assaults)
    Charisma (what is it for?)
    Tolerance (what is it for?)

    Is 15minutes irl = 1h TC time?

    Few things from the "game guide" that says i can do but cant figure out how to do it
    how add more than one hooker to my club?
    how to adjust price of drugs in my rave?
    how can i adjust entry fee to my raves/clubs?
    how to filter night clubs by respect and name?
    How do i attack players? (i assume is something to do with bumping into them in the club but as soon as i see some one i just die straight away, and loose alot of stats)

    please excuses my ignorance, im just trying to get the basics here

    Also if anyone is willing to show me the ropes and figure this game out i'd greatly appreciate it !
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    Right now, the charisma helps in hookers production but only up to a certain point. After you reach 1.5kk charisma, your hookers production won't increase anymore and the only way to increase the total production is to buy more hookers.
    Tolerance helps mainly in gang robberies but also a little bit in assaults and single robberies.

    Yeah, 15 minutes are still 1h TC time.

    You cannot add more than one hooker(Miss Blonde) in your whorehouse.
    You cannot change the drug price in your rave.
    You cannot adjust the entry free.
    You cannot filter nightclubs or search by name.
    Those changes were made to prevent the stats & kills donations in raves.

    If you want to attack someone, you must select the victim in the select box and then press the smack button before he leaves the rave. Once they get out the rave(with exit button or pressing on another feature of the game, for example the stock market) they will disappear from the select box(if there was only 1 player in the rave and he left it, the select box will also disappear). If you still don't understand this, reply here and i will put a clip.

    Also 2 important things that changed recently are the drug auctions and the labs. As you saw, you cannot buy drugs from the dealer anymore. Now you have to bid for auctions from the black market and once you get the components you must transform them into drugs in the laboratory. It's a little bit tricky but once you understand how it works you will see it's acutally simple and a nice feature. I recommend to try it and if you have any further questions don't hesitate to put them here.

    Good luck.
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    Can i just ask how does the kill system work?
    What happens if my account is stronger than the player that attacked me? will i get the kill and stats for it ?
    or do i have to attack the other account to get a kills and stats for it ?

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    If you want to make kills you must be the one who makes the attack and have 2x more power than the victim. If somebody attacks you and you are stronger, you will beat him, take the stats but you wont get the kill even if u have 2x more power.



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